Tia Tanaka

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With a sexy name like Tia Tanaka you would have to realize that she is one very beautiful actress for the porn industry where she stars in many movies with many different other actors and actresses. Tia is a Vietnamese actress who came to America because of her beauty which was going to be something very special in the American porn industry. Asian women were seen as delicate and sexy because of their oriental facial features, innocent looks and great bodies. Tia has a very natural body with a beautiful tanned color skin but not only that her breasts are perky and firm just like an Asian girls should be and her ass is perfect in just about every way. Tia is one of the more popular porn stars to be downloaded and being an Asian porn star has a lot to do with this fact.

When you are looking for anything to do with Tia on the internet you can easily type in exactly what porn it is that you like. She has starred in many films with both girls and with guys but many of her most popular films are the ones with only Tia Tanaka in them. Only 23 years old you would say that this Asian sex goddess is going to be around in the industry for a very long time. The tens of thousands of guys and girls that play with them every day using the pictures and movies that Tia has made should hopefully be enough encouragement for Tia to stick around. If not like all porn stars she will be getting paid a lot for the great work that she is doing and for the services that she provided for so many horny fans every day of the week.