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With the freedom and technology at its bets level and freedom for one to expose their sexuality without fear, the people are changing and adapting to this. It is the current times unlike those olden days when people used to fear and the world is now accepting this trend. A world of a free thinking and no more worry, this is what the globe is up to.

The globe is now getting the real meaning of the porn industry and the boundaries are being expanded to countries like USA, Germany, Thailand as well as Japan. This business has been a great favor to the actors who are economically coming up within a very short period of time. The case was a not so some decades ago but amazingly, it has turned up well and this is a mere prove that the attitude of the society towards porn is changing rapidly.

Tia Tanaka is one of those Actresses who migrated in to America from Vietnam with her father from the same place. She does not only act porn but also an adult model. Her mother was born in Indonesia and they both migrated in to America when she was a year old. At her age today, Tia was born in 1987 15th March and she is currently 22 years of age.

At first, Tia resided in New York City and later on shifted to California. It is from California that, she developed the interest to the porn industry and decided to go by her decision. This was a suggestion from one of her friends called Jung and whom Tia obeyed. It is from this point that she decided to shoot a movie by her name.

At the moment, Tia has won two awards which she acquired from the viewers of the DVD that they download for payment from the internet.
tia tanaka

tia tanaka