Tia Tanaka – porn actress

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In today’s world, more and more people are becoming tolerant towards their sexuality. There is a growing trend fueled by the media, whereby it is okay to display one’s sexuality to the world. In fact, nobody minds any more, it is a world of free thought. The porn industry has really taken off in some countries around the world, like the USA, Japan, Germany and Thailand. The business is so lucrative that the actors grow rich within an amazingly short period. This wasn’t the case about two decades ago, which proves that society’s attitude towards porn is changing.

Many of the porn actors who star in American porn films are not of American descent. Many are from the exotic countries; others are from Africa and Europe. But the number of exotic porn actors/actresses is on the rise, which shows that the world audience likes them better.

One of these porn actors/actresses who migrated into America from a foreign country is Tia Tanaka. She is a porn star in America and also an adult model. She is of Vietnamese-French descent. Her mother is of mixed French and Vietnamese descent and her father is Vietnamese. Tia migrated to the United States when she was only one year old with her mother, having been born in Indonesia. Tia was born on March 15th 1987, and she’s 22 years old at the moment.

Tia at first lived in New York, though she later moved to California. Here, she met her friends, Kitty Jung and Jasmine Mai. The suggestion that Tanaka enter the porn industry came from Jung. Afterwards, Tia considered this for a while, and decided to do it.

In the beginning, Tia did her first recordings using the alias Sasha Lei. Later, she opted to use the name Mulan Wang. It was much later in her career that she got the suggestion from Ed Powers to shoot under the name Tia Tanaka, and she accepted.

So far, Tia Tanaka has won two awards in the adult video category. These awards are given based on the votes of viewers who buy the DVDs and download the movies for payment from the Internet. In 2007, she won the Adam Film World Award for Best Asian Starlet. In the same year, she was the F.A.M.E. award finalist for Rookie of the Year.